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There is a lot going on in the Audubon School District this school year. When you finish on the alumni site, why not check out the school district at

National Business Website Not Affilated with Our Association

Please be advised that there is a website that advertisesmembership, various clothing and sports items with “GreenWave” printed on them. Communication with AHS classmates and other features are available. However, there is an annual membership fee of $20 which you must purchase in order to participate in their offers. Any fees or purchases do not go to our association. This business headquarters is in Spokane, Washington. At the end of their site it states: has no association with this school or district.” Also stated, “Other domains or websites owned by are not affiliated with and are independent of any school, school district alumni associations or other similar organization.” Our association has received inquiries from AHS Alumni concerning this site. We feel it is important to make clear to those wondering why it would cost $20 to join this website that this is not ours. Please help spread the word to others who may have been confused about this website.

Our Website is: This site provides a variety of information including the minutes from our alumnimeetings, the Graduate Parrot Alumni Association Newsletters. Our e-mail address: can be used to send us your messages should you have information about reunions, or to share your thoughts on alumni news. Thank you for your continued support of your alumni association.

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